Lime Sauce

Lime sauce

You may think citrus fruits are all about the summer, but actually, these tangy delights are really good in winter too.  Brighten up your Vanilla ice cream with this luscious lime sauce.  Pretty simple to make but lime sauce will add a little zing to your dessert.  Only two ingredients needed (if you don’t count the water) for this zesty treat.  Once made, this Lime Sauce will keep in the fridge for a few days too so you can have a ready made pudding in the pipe lines for the busy week ahead.  Tasty!

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Blackberry Coulis

blackberry coulis and ice cream

Get out blackberry picking!  This is a super blackberry coulis/sauce recipe which will perk up your vanilla ice cream splendidly.  Make it when there is loads of fruit available or utilise your frozen fruit from the freezer.  You won’t be disappointed with this shiny blackberry sauce.  It seriously is top drawer!  For our vanilla ice cream recipe click here.

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Rich Raspberry Sauce

Red raspberries

Use this Raspberry Sauce on ice cream, in sundaes and to make home made raspberry ripple ice cream.  If there’s any left (which I very much doubt based on what happens when I put a jug of this rich velvety sauce on the table) you could try adorning  your porridge the next day with it and a few toasted almonds.  

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