Cool tips for when things go wrong

Don’t throw your creation away if you are concerned it doesn’t look quite right.  Ice cream and sorbet are fairly robust and you can’t go too far wrong.  Read our cool tips to see if we can help you..

Sorbet too slushy?  

When I made my orange and lemon sorbet I churned it for a good half an hour but it continued to look a bit slushy. If yours is like this don’t worry, once popped in the freezer it will be the perfect scoop when you eat it later.

Machine won’t churn? I couldn’t get my ice cream maker to churn continuously. If the top has ice stuck in the connection holes it may not be able to lock on. Take a screwer and dig out any trapped ice which might be getting in the way.

How much time do I need to make ice cream?  The actual churning bit in the machine takes 15-30 minutes however you will require extra time to make the mixture, chill it before churning and then possible freezing afterwards. Frozen yoghurts are pretty quick but sorbets and custard based ice creams are no quick thing and a bit of care is needed not to rush. It is however most worth it! And once made it can sit there in the freezer just waiting for you to dip in!

Can I make my own recipes up?  Yes, just stick to the basic principles and experiment. A great time to do this is when fruits are in season… Cheaper, tastier and you can make more!

What is a sorbet?  Sorbets are a lovely light dessert. Whatever flavour you choose to make, they are pretty much made in the same way. Fruit purée is mixed with a sugar syrup to create a super smooth, sherbetty, shiny treat.

How long will sorbet last?  Some sorbets will go grainy after a few days (for instance pear) so certain sorbets are best eaten fairly quickly.

Why is my alcoholic ice cream struggling to set?  Alcohol does slow down the freezing of sorbets or ice cream. You may have added a bit too much alcohol if it is struggling to set.

Ice cream is rock hard?  Get your ice cream out before eating.  Try popping it in the fridge for half an hour before eating.





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