Ice Cream Memories

Ice cream memories have a lot to do with our love of ice cream. Ice cream tastes great, it goes without saying, but it’s more than that isn’t it? Our love of ice cream is bound up with childhood memories of simple pleasures, hot sunny days, trips out and being with people we love.

I’ve fond memories of my Grandmother making me and my sister ice cream wafer sandwiches in her little flat on hot sunny days. The kitchen widow was always wide open, but both of us were too small to see out of the window properly, so, to us, the whole window was full of bright blue sky. We’d watch her cut slabs of Neapolitan Ice Cream from a tub and press wafers against the sides, to make a sandwich. Then we’d try and eat them before they melted.

Of course, there are lots of seaside holiday memories. Crowding into a small, cool, dark shop after coming off a hot, sunny beach and trying to choose between chocolate or raspberry ripple ice cream to go in my cone. My sister never lingered as long as I did. Always mint choc chip for her!

I’ve happy memories of small, cardboard tubs of vanilla ice cream with funny little plastic scoops, eaten during the interval of a Pantomime at Christmas. Of beautiful, pale green pistachio ice cream from a Gelateria in the corner of a cobbled square in Florence. Eaten at dusk, on honeymoon, walking back from the Ponte Vecchio.

And a special memory of my eldest son, just after his third birthday, enthusiastically eating an old school ’99’ vanilla ice cream, with a flake, at the bottom of The London Eye. Super cute, with ice cream on the end of his nose and a balloon patterned napkin, left over from his party, tucked into his top to catch the drips. He’s now a much bigger 11 year old, with a love of salted caramel ice cream!

What are your favourite ice cream memories? We’d love to read about them.



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