In Love With Lavender

Nothing says Summer for me, as much as balmy, golden evening sunlight with birds still singing, insects buzzing around me and the distinctive, unmistakeable scent of our local lavender fields.  

Cotswold Lavender has become a local institution over the last 16 years.  Here you can wander through their blue, purple and pink hued fields and marvel at this aromatic and visual feast. Here for a short season every year, it brings calmness and beauty to everyone that visits.

I love lavender. I think this versatile herb has seen a revival in recent years, transformed from those lavender scented bags, hiding in every linen drawer and wardrobe to ward off moths in my grandmothers old farmhouse, and the Yardley oval soaps that used to sit on her bathroom shelf. In an age where we are seeking out and benefiting from natural alternatives to all the synthetic chemical filled cleaning products and medicines, lavender is quite rightly, gaining back its popularity.  

Its properties are vast. It can be used for cleaning and deodorising, it is an effective antiseptic and antibiotic too, in the 16th century it was effectively used to guard against cholera!, We know it to be a powerful calming essential oil, particularly useful in the more scary moments of childbirth, as well as a remedy to bring about and promote a deeper sleep.

At my own wedding, 11 years ago in France, my husband and I along with our guests, were treated to an indulgent lavender crème brûlée (perhaps a relief after the chilled white asparagus?!). This was a truly divine creation, typical of France and this made me wonder, could I create something even half as delicious and memorable?



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