Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream dessert

Chocolate ice cream is always a treat and this homemade chocolate ice cream is made with extra thick double cream and dark chocolate for an indulgent dessert. Use a good quality chocolate. There are just six ingredients to this ice cream so make everyone count. I used Lindt 70% chocolate and grated some over the top to serve.

This ice cream works well on its own as a dessert but is also great in an Ice Cream Sundae and I love it in a chocolate dipped cone too. It works well with fresh raspberries, their sharpness cuts through the sweetness of the ice cream and for a dinner party dessert it’s great with pomegranate seeds.

It was a warm day when I made this and it had started to melt by the time I took a photo, as you can see! It reminded me a of an old fashioned drug store I visited in Dallas a couple of years ago when I went to see my sister who lives there.

It was baking hot and we were walking along a trail. We stopped off for a proper milkshake in the drug store. Cool inside, it was like a chemist at the front, all wooden shelves and spinning racks of things like tweezers and hair bobbles.  At the back of the store was a silver diner type bar with high leather topped stools. They served ice cream, coffees and milkshakes, huge milkshakes, made with great scoops of ice cream.  I had chocolate, I think my sister went for Oreo Cookie one.  Simple pleasures which stick in your mind forever. The lady behind the bar moved slowly and it took a little while to prepare our shakes but they were well worth waiting for. 

I made this ice cream using my Savisto Ice Cream Maker. At £21.95 it’s a great buy, easy to use and doesn’t take up much storage space. I keep the bowl of mine in my freezer so that it is always ready to use. You can buy one in our shop or read more about it in our blog ‘Thinking about buying an Ice Cream Maker’.

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