Mother's Day Sorbet

Mothers Day & Mothering Sunday

It was all a dream

I remember last Mother’s Day. I had breakfast in bed, a beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers, carefully made cards with a thoughtful message inside and a coveted bottle of Tom Fords finest scent…then I woke up (at 6am). Or rather, was woken. My youngest little poppet, who was not at all concerned with the day’s significance, needed porridge and a hairband (?) right now and Daddy, who is still sleeping soundly oblivious to the noise, makes porridge that is ‘gusting’ apparently. I kick husband violently in the thigh, which seems to wake him and his promise of card making and cereal of her choice, persuades dear daughter to leave me in my pit. My son surfaces and they brought me a cup of tea, a bowl of porridge (although I’d really like coco pops) and a tub of Ferrero Rocher and their handmade creations. Mother’s Day is complete, I feel thanked.

A (very) brief history

As far back as the 16th Century, Mothering Sunday in the UK was a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants, returned to their ‘mother church’ to visit their families. They’d pick flowers along the way to give to their mothers. Today of course children give presents, flowers, and home-made cards to their mothers and it has become much like the ‘Mother’s Day’ celebrated in America.

In the U.S.A, Anna Jarvis is recognised as the Founder of the secular celebration of Mother’s Day. Anna was inspired by her own mother, Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis. An activist and social worker, Mrs Jarvis, believed strongly that there should be a day to honour all mothers, and acknowledge the contributions made by them. In 1914, an official Mother’s Day was declared. There is now a tradition of giving flowers, cards and other gifts to mothers but on a commercial scale that wasn’t intended by Anna and her mother. Having devoted her life for the declaration of a Mother’s Day holiday, Anna was said to be hugely disappointed at the commercialisation of the day.

My mum will get a hand made card from me this year. I’m 43 and she’ll probably think me mad, but a proper thank you, should take a bit of effort and thought. I’ve also made her something that she will really love, my Prosecco, Strawberry and Rose Sorbet. She’s hosting us for lunch after all, the least I can do is show up with a dessert featuring some of her favourite things…



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