Amazon- VonShef Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker, No Pre-Freezing required 1.5L


  • 1.5L Capacity Premium Automatic Ice Cream Maker.
  • Built in compressor means no pre-freezing required! Standard ice cream makers require 8 hours minimum pre-freezing before making ice cream.
  • Create your own flavours and open up a new world of taste!
  • Free Extended 2 Year Warranty – *Terms and Conditions apply
  • Low Noise Level (50dba). With removable bowl, spoon, and measuring cup. Easy clean.


Our VonShef Premium Automatic Ice Cream Maker with built in compressor can mix & freeze 1.5L of ice cream in just 60 minutes with no pre-freezing required. Standard ice cream makers require the bowl to be put in the freezer a minimum of 8 hours before use, but with a built in compressor this is not necessary! With an LCD display and digital timer which can be set to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes.

With the VonShef Premium Automatic Ice Cream Maker you can experiment with different ingredients to produce your own perfect flavour. You can use anything from fruits, syrups, chocolates and juices to nuts, seeds, and herbs. Experiment with crazy combinations and interesting ingredients like chili with chocolate, or adding pecan nuts, lavender or mint. Even just throw in a handful of your favourite sweets!

You can also make healthier options like Frozen Yoghurt or Sorbets, which are fat free. The Ice Cream Maker is a great way to avoid preservatives and additives and control what goes into your food.

Versatile, stylish, fast; and because the motor produces just 50 decibels of operational noise it is very quiet too. The VonShef Ice Cream maker is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth all year round.

• 150W Power
• 1.5L Ice Cream within 60 minutes
• Noise level:≦50dB(A) [ambient noise level ≦17dB(A)
• Stainless Steel Housing
• Stainless steel non-stick coating removable Bowl
• Plastic paddle
• Digital Timer: Know when ice cream will be ready
• Cooling range -18℃~ -35℃

Box Contains

1 x VonShef Premium Ice Cream Maker
1 x Instruction Manual




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