Moulinex Yogurt Maker DJC1


The Moulinex Yoghurt Maker makes it easy to create your own delicious yogurt, right in the comfort of your own home! The benefits of yogurt are widely known and yogurt consumption has skyrocketed in recent years. Now you can craft your favorite flavors in your own kitchen. The yogurt maker is simple to use and can make up to 1L of yogurt in seven glass dishwasher safe pots. Simply add your ingredients and turn on the machine. The Moulinex Yogurt Maker will control the precise heating of the yogurt to the optimal temperature and maintain a stable temperature throughout the several day-long cooking process. It couldn’t be easier! 1 Litre capacity in 7 glass pots Power on Indicator Use by date can be indicated on the pot tops Pots are dishwasher safe Pots arranged in a circle around the unit Note: this item does not come with a timer

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