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Blackcurrant and Mint Sorbet

Blackcurrant and mint sorbet

This blackcurrant and mint sorbet is gorgeous.  The flavours of blackcurrant and mint are a marriage made in heaven so you really need to try this recipe and dig in.  Not only is this recipe pretty tasty it is also a good way to use up blackcurrants if you have been out picking them and need to use them up.  

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Purple Power!

About a month ago, the BBC aired a documentary ‘How to Stay Young’ presented by the demigoddess, Angela Rippon, and the charming Dr Chris Van Tulleken. During the programme, they visited a small island off the coast of Japan, called Okinawa, where residents live longer than anywhere else in the world. Their occurence of brain disease are 50% less and their chances of heart disease, reduced by 80%.

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Blackcurrant and Mint Frozen Yoghurt

Blackcurrants and mint frozen yoghurt

This blackcurrant and mint frozen yoghurt is packed with flavour.  Blackcurrant and mint should be used together more often in my books, the two flavours really complement each other.  This is a simple recipe you should be very happy with.  My kids really enjoyed this recipe too.  Enjoy making and eating x

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