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3 Epic Easter Ice Cream Ideas

easter cookies and vanilla ice cream

easter cookies and vanilla ice cream

This April 16th it’s Easter time again.  Hoorah a time to feast!  Whatever plans you may have, it’s time to start enjoying a spot of warmer weather, picnics and ice creams dripping down your hand from the ice cream man.

If you are at home this Easter, here are some ice cream ideas for you to try…

  1. Vanilla Ice Cream and Mini Egg Cookies.  It wouldn’t be Easter without a bag full of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs to scoff.  Use our Vanilla Ice Cream recipe or buy a good vanilla ice cream from the shops and serve with these Mini Egg Cookies, which are pretty yummy.  Above are some I made earlier…not much left I’m afraid (those naughty chickens!) x

  2. This recipe is more for the grown ups, lovely, dark and very, very chocolately.  Chocolate and Cardomom Ice Cream, I hope you like it as much as we do here at Love Icecreams HQ.

  3. Finally, you could try our Chocolate, Mallow and Fudge recipe.  It’s a lovely chocolate base and into that you add marshmallows, chocolate (leftover eggs if you have any?!) and little bits of fudge chopped up.  It’s indulgent! Be warned! 

We hope that will keep your chocolate levels topped up over Easter.  Have a lovely holiday everyone x


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