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Thinking of buying an Ice Cream maker?

It is possible to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. You can make our no churn recipes and you can make the churn recipes if you are prepared to freeze your mixture and get it out of the freezer every couple of hours to give it a good stir and break up any ice crystals that have formed. However, an ice cream maker makes the whole process quicker, simpler and probably gives you better results in terms of texture. As the ice cream maker churns it both freezes your mixture and adds air to it. There are a range of ice cream makers on the market ranging from around £20 up to around £200. We have a good selection in our shop. The difference in price is because the less expensive machines have bowls which need to be frozen in a freezer before you can use them whilst the more expensive machines have built in compressors which means there is no need to pre freeze the bowl.

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Ice Cream Dream or Drama?

This is the first time I have EVER made actual ice cream (okay, frozen yoghurt). I do vaguely recall a few tragic & desperate attempts as a child, ice cream was in short supply because my parents didn’t believe in giving children things they actually want or like, anyway, I am clearly over that now so lets move on…. I have in front of me my brand new, in the box, straight from Amazon within approximately 24 hours, Andrew ***** Ice cream maker, in lovely, shiny red.

On initial inspection, I wonder how something that appears to have less technical sophistication than my child’s toy whisk, could possibly deliver the joy I am anticipating. I am immediately suspicious and sceptical.  

I check out the instruction manual for all of 20 seconds (it has an on/off switch, a paddle and a bowl… how much more do I need to read?), this was enough to find out that I needed to freeze the bowl for a minimum of eight hours. Straight after placing it in the freezer, I drive the howling kids to the garage to buy a cornetto and a fab, thanks to my over promised, under delivered and immediate, heavenly homemade creation.

Eight hours later… (the next day)

I have a large tub of Fage 0% Greek yoghurt,

A bag of frozen blueberries, I can’t weigh them as the 3 year old broke my glass kitchen scales by weighing very heavy rocks on them

Golden syrup, because we’re out of honey, maple syrup, other nicer (middle class) sounding sugary stuff

I am not exactly following a recipe (you may have noticed), I opt to throw the blueberries and a generous tablespoon of golden syrup into a saucepan and melt the lot on the hob, before whazzing it up (whizzing?) in the blender and then letting it cool for a bit (unlikely to be long enough as I have no patience at all). Then I added about 250mls of the yoghurt, mixed it all together, utilising several jugs, bowls, spoons and tea towels in the process.

Next, I plug in and switch on the machine, having placed the now frozen bowl in place. The first thing I notice is that it’s a right bloody fiddle getting the lid on. Also, the funnel opening is a bit small for my rather gloopy mixture, so, after pouring the mixture back into another jug, I make this task much simpler. The other bit of instruction that I read, said to make sure that the paddles were turning before pouring the mixture (anyone else hate that word? Its up there with ‘moist’ in my opinion), in otherwise it’ll freeze on contact and end up all lumpy and crap. So with the gloop (m-word again) in, I now just have to wait for up to 30 minutes!

10 minutes later…

The family are all queuing up next to me and, frankly, getting in my space so I decide its cold and ice cream looking enough to serve up. It turns out the lid is also a right bloody fiddle to remove, still, in spite of this and having scraped off the bits that have frozen onto the sides and the base, it is actually looking like ice cream (yes, I know, frozen yoghurt)

So, boules into bowls and they’re off! …. They look happy….. no one is crying….. in fact, they’re silent….. there are mutterings of ‘yum’ and ‘great’ and ‘delicious’.  Go, Me!

I think the ice cream maker and I can be friends. It let me freestyle without disaster, it has one switch to operate it. It is shiny and red (did I say that?) and therefore looks appealing on my kitchen counter. Yes there are a few fiddly bits to deal with, but for crying out loud, it cost less than £30 and the chief testers were so happy!  I can easily make the process less messy next time, when I try it out on my mother…

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