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All Change


Summer 2016 has been a pretty good, don’t you think? We’ve had our fair share of dross over the last few years but this year, we’ve managed many trips to the coast, plenty of long days outside in the countryside where we live and we’ve even discussed camping! (I hovered countless times over the ‘buy now’ button for one of Decathlons air tents, but remembered how I do like a firm mattress, on a bed, inside a room, with a solid door) It has been a long summer, filled with mad capped adventures, holidays I’ll never forget and of course the thing that warmer days were made for, Ice Cream. 

I start to dread the transition from Summer to Autumn, sometime around mid to late August. This is usually because I am still waiting for actual Summer to start, on account of the consistent stair rod rain and ‘unseasonably low’ (pfft!) temperatures, seen since June. However, this is 2016. Year of the seasons! Behold! a fresh, breezy and colourful Autumn, where we’ll hygge ourselves up and our homes, then Autumn will segue neatly into a cold, crisp, snowy winter, with scenes fit for any Christmas card* Oh the joy!

For now though, Autumn is here. The sun is low, the nights are chillier and the slow cooker is back out of the box. I imagine that frozen desserts are far from your mind but the Love Ice Creams team are here to try and convince you otherwise. We have got plans, people. Lots of seasonal, icy plans. Recipes such as Fig and Honey Ice Cream, Wild Plum Ice Cream, Damson Sorbet and Blackberry Sorbet. Make sure you stay tuned for more of our inspiring recipes!

*disclaimer: I am a very poor weather forecaster and I bear no responsibility for those making weather dependent investments as a result of my comments

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